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Vesper Pharmaceutical

Founded in the year 1978, VESPER PHARMACEUTICALS is a distinguished Manufacturer, Wholesale And Trader offering an enormous consignment of Poultry Animal Feed Supplements, Aqua Feed Supplement, Poultry Medicines etc. Immensely acclaimed in the industry owing to their preciseness, these are presented by us in standard forms to our clients. 

These are inspected sternly to retain their optimum quality.


Founded in the year 2002, The company has the best Research and Development center focused on manufacturing Pharmaceutical products and Poultry ND killed vaccine by Vesper Group in India. 

VESPER LABS, which has emerged as a leading player in domestic as well as International Market.

Vesper Labs has an active multi-disciplinary R & D program, largely focusing on developing new innovative products.

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Orchid spa

Orchid Spa Pvt Ltd was formed in the year 1994. It was formed to designing effective drugs with a wide margin of safety and very few side effects. A drug is a chemical substance typically of a known structure, which is once administered produces biological results. 

Orchid Spa worked on molecular weight to produce drugs that cure, halts, or prevent diseases.


Herbal Pharma was founded in the ’90s. Herbal medicines are those ingredients made from plants such as leaves, roots, or flowers.

Herbal medicines are mainly used for health promotion and therapy for chronic conditions. Herbal medicines have their origin in ancient culture.

Antioxidant activities of herbal medicines are very effective in reducing the toxicities of toxic agents and other drugs.


Best Research and Development focused Pharmaceutical Company in India. 
VESPER has emerged as a leading player in domestic as well as International Market widely
accepted as manufacturers of efficacious drugs and formulations.

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